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1950s: UNITED STATES: man cleans elephant with big brush. Elephant lies on ground. 1940s:  Lena Horne sings 1940s: Slow motion of woman ice skating, woman does jump. 1950s: Man in office, man walks down fire escape in background, knocks on window, man enters window, men sit and talk. Vietnam 1960s: Soldiers aim guns.  People repair nets.  Men on boats. 1920s: Intertitle "Passing in review". View of parade from up high. 1970s: UNITED STATES: man talks to camera. Man in laboratory. Man lifts bench press. Gymnast on rings 1940s: Drive across river. Bus driver bangs on steering wheel. Bus drives down highway, goes through toll booth. 1930s: UNITED STATES: ladies walk through snow. House in winter. Lady closes door. 1940s: Man holds pole, stands on rock next to river. Mountains, cliffs. Man walks over rocks. 1960s: Man cuts into cardboard, peels away layer. Man carves into plaster, clay, and linoleum. 1950s: Rain falls in sheets on plains. Rain evaporates before hitting ground. Grassy meadow at foot of mountains. 1960s: UNITED STATES: lady and girl at home. Girl works in class. Teacher puts up paper on wall. Teacher in class. 1950s: Man leaves for work and high fives boy. Boy pours glass of milk. Man leans on ladder and laughs as he flicks lighter. 1940s: Boy gathers his things and leaves classroom. Students laugh. Teacher reprimands students. 1930s: Men remove engine blocks, place them on conveyor belts. Man places gauge down into metal cylinders. 1950s: Trees move in the wind. Man ties a metal plate to a string that hangs from a wooden structure. 1950s: Arabic men in turbans sit on ornate rug, read, study, flip pages in handwritten book, diagrams, drawings. Horse mill, horse walks in circles, wheels, gears turn. 1970s: Clouds go by in sky, changing shape, disappearing and reforming and eventually taking up most of the sky. 1970s: UNITED STATES: man throws badge. Man at office desk. Man gets annoyed at colleague UNITED STATES: 1960s: picture of room in house. Lady nods head. Man shows pictures to lady.
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