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United States: 1950s: wreck of car on road after crash. Boy looks at site of car crash. People look at crash. 1940s: UNITED STATES: people stand near planes before take off. Planes fly over airport. Planes takes off. 1950s: Boy talks to coach holding a tennis racket. Coach talks and holds racket. 1940s: The boys point at the clouding over sky. Palm trees wave in the wind. Rain pours down as the boy and his sister  stand in the doorway of the thatched roof hut. 1950s: small two-person boat driving around lake, sign for San Gottardo 1940s: UNITED STATES: view of sea from garden. Boys with cat and dog. Boys with black kitten in garden. Boys in deckchair 1960s: Sharks and fish swim through water. Sharks swim near surface of water, food is thrown at sharks. 1960s: Control room.  Man sits and works.  Man speaks. 1930s: Man in cap speaks. Men carry luggage and walk along railroad tracks. Men carry luggage and talk. 1930s: Philippines: Old Spain in Philippines. Building and trees. Cart passes through arch in wall 1920s: Pan across deck, smokestacks on ship. Man and girl on ship, pose on railing. Woman and girl walk toward camera. Woman and girl walk away from camera. 1970s: Chickens in cages.  Eggs move past on conveyor belt. 1950s: Two boys talk angrily. One boy talks and looks scared. Students sit in classroom and read, a boy looks around at another boy. 1940s: UNITED STATES: sculptor uses wire tool to carve shoulder fringe on sculpture. Powder horn on model 1970s: Woman holds USDA produced brochures "How to buy beef steaks" and "How to buy beef roasts". Woman opens brochures and shows centerfold of cuts of meat. 1960s: Office.  Judge speaks to police officer.  Man points to poster. 1960s: UNITED STATES: close up of hand holding spray and hose. Linseed emulsion sprayed on concrete 1960s: Rocket ship flies through outer space at a uniform speed. 1940s: UNITED STATES: man moves trays at carrot factory. Machine and heated air in driers kill off enzymes. Man pushes car into dryer. 1950s: Painting of man, zoom out. Long shot of house, men walk through yard. 1960s: Hand picks up telephone receiver and dials number. Man’s bandaged face in pain. Image blurs. Funeral flower arrangement.
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