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GERMANY: 1920s: man walks up slope with pole. Men drive stakes into ground. GERMANY: 1920s: men load hay and manure into wooden pot. GERMANY: 1920s: women tidy up branches on grape vines. United States, 1930s: doctor listens to patient United States, 1930s: animation of heart beating. United States, 1930s: animation of blood flow through body. Arrow points to position in blood flow to organs. Animal ear and blood vessels. SANTA PAULA- CIRCA 1929: Men walk to and from a paint and wallpaper store, loading a cart with boxes, paint cans, and rolls of wallpaper. SANTA PAULA- CIRCA 1929: A man steps out of a car that has an advertisement for SANTA PAULA- CIRCA 1929: A toddler in a dress plays with a newspaper in a front lawn.  At first she stands, but is then seen sitting on a pillow. She eventually rips the paper. 1920s: Lindbergh stands at attention. Title card. Men talk, work around airplane wing, one on top. International newsreel. Pilots talk by plane. Newsreel documents takeoff. Plane takes off, onlookers. 1920s: man rolls eyes and sits at desk while men rush around office. women cross city street corner. man brings women into office with girls, man and woman sit around table. 1920s: man in tuxedo and woman in maid outfit run around pier and fall down. old woman fires gun and police man jumps over fence. man talks on candlestick telephone. cop answers phone at station. 1920s: women in swimsuits dogpile and fight for ball on beach sand. women exit igloos and throw snowballs. women pelt man in fur with balls. 1920s: woman carries bowl to cage, spills water while opening door and guides lion out on leash. 1920s: firehose spray chases lion across room and into cage that man locks shut. woman crawls from hole in door, talks to men and walks away. 1920s: men set up movie camera. giant circular saw cuts barrel in half and man falls to floor uncut. water sprays man in ropes on movie set. 1920s: water floods hotel lobby and men surf onto road in bathtubs to the river. car knocks men off log near dirt track. 1910s: Three men talking next to train. Men walk up to woman behind desk, talk to her. Man puts hand on other man 1910s: Woman on horse grabs dog, then gallops away. Man waves at other man, who enters train. Train begins to move. Man looks around, then jumps on train. 1910s: Paper with words describing cut brakes on train cars. Man lies on ground, boy tries to drag him. Man resists, then boy pedals cart away on track. Men argue on front car of train. 1920s: Giant wheel spins on ground with women sitting on it as they slide off. Woman sits in middle of spinning wheel. Woman dances with group of sailors. Woman dancing in unison with man.
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