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United States: 1930s: People in street during the Great Depression. Men line up by wall. Street corner apple seller. United States: 1930s: French actress Sarah Bernhardt arrives in car. Actress in carriage. Opera singer and two ladies wave at camera. JAPAN: 1943: Japanese citizens, clothed in white robes, march together. JAPAN: 1943: In a Japanese bank, gold is placed in a safe as bankers do calculations with an abacus. JAPAN: 1943: In a building, a Japanese reports write stories. JAPAN: 1943: Japanese farmers bundling together plants in the fields. JAPAN: 1943: Japanese industrial workers in the factory. JAPAN: 1943: Japanese women eating in a cafeteria. JAPAN: 1943: Men in uniform march along street with buckets. Close up of young boy in uniform. Boys take off caps. JAPAN: 1943: man points at war ship model as boys watch. JAPAN: 1943: boy pours drink from kettle. Boys eat rice and drink tea. JAPAN: 1943: soldiers fight with combat sticks. Officer watches men fight. INDIA- CIRCA 1930: A large crowd greets Gandhi as he steps out of a car and acknowledges its members.  Men crowd around him, offering gifts and flowers, praying, and bowing. INDIA- CIRCA 1930: A man fills a bucket with water and a second man pours the water into a large, black pan. Women in saaris sit and work with fabrics. UNITED STATES 1930s: Medium wide shot of family sitting down at table to eat and discovering the milk is bad. UNITED STATES 1930s: Wide shot of man milking cow. Medium close up of girl drinking milk. UNITED STATES 1930s: Members of the German Society of Space Travel converse. UNITED STATES 1930s: A dog prepares to go to space with different tests. UNITED STATES 1930s-1940s : A helmsman turns a helm to steer a ship. A plant operator spins a helm to operate a generator. UNITED STATES 1930s-1940s : A crane arm lowers into a hold on a large ship, scoops up coal, and rises out of the hold. UNITED STATES 1930s-1940s : Workers clean and polish v8 engine blocks.
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