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1950s: Animation. Cutaway view of a running engine. A turning crank makes engine cylinder rise and fall. Heat is created and fuel is added. Deposits and wear keep engines from working their best. 1950s: Man in uniform sits in chair, talks. Man in uniform sits behind desk, nods head, talks. 1950s: UNITED STATES: curtains open on Bombay City Orchestra. Lady sings with orchestra 1950s: Men chop wood with axes and operate saw. Man sorts boards of wood. 1950s: Signal generators on a table. Animation of waves traveling through a vacuum tube. 1950s: Man points with pencil at three groups of engine cylinders with varying levels of deposits. Man holds up two spark plugs, one with fewer deposits than the other. 1950s: Two men in military uniform sit in an office and talk. Man behind desk closes file folder, leans forward, talks, taps folder with finger. 1950s: Musicians play. 1950s: Blooming plant in standing water waves in breeze. View of logging operation on the water. Vessel on the water with hills and smokestacks in background. Bridge. Body of water between mountains. 1950s: Man turns knobs on signal generator. 1950s: Lady speaks. Man shaves his face. Lady smiles. Lady walks into kitchen 1950s: FINLAND, EUROPE: Reflection of girl in water. Girl walks with goat. Nomads walk towards winter home. Girl walks through woods with goats 1950s: Radio station.  Woman speaks. 1950s: View of mountain with parking area and tree in foreground. Lake in mountain range with island. 1950s: Man positions electronics on table. Man turns band selector switch on signal generator. Coils and tubes move behind panel of signal generator. 1950s: Rocks in large shovel. Plant with structures, Men talk. Hot substance releases smoke, Men standing underground 1950s: FINLAND, EUROPE: man climbs up drying stand. Reindeer meat dries in sun. Reindeer stomach blows in wind. Reindeer heads on stand. 1950s: Crowd.  Woman gives speech. 1950s: Cars drive over bridge. Cars on highway headed toward city. View of bridge. Boat on water. Gazebo at edge of water. 1950s: Hands clamp electrodes to capacitor. 1950s: Car moves forward. Car stops, Man unpacks frying pans from box. wording :Freedom to produce..to buy and sell.. to save and invest
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