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United States: 1980s: view of car bonnet from above as it travels. Close up of space shuttle. View of NASA site from above. United States: 1980s: Lady water skis on lake. Lady crossing over wake of boat on water ski. United States: 1980s: overhead view as man closes bonnet of car. View across wet surface. United States: 1980s: close up of wheel hitting wet surface. Close up of left and right wheel monitor. Car drives along road. UNITED STATES: 1980s: lady looks down microscope. Rat in space experiment. Man looks at bacteria on agar plate. UNITED STATES: 1980s: computer model shows impacts of gravity on human brain. Astronaut on space walk. UNITED STATES: 1980s: man looks at human brain picture n computer screen. UNITED STATES: 1980s: signal transduction chain research in plants United States: 1980s: Teenagers get out of car stuck in snow. Driver gets into car. United States: 1980s: man changes car wheel in snow. Man warms up cold hands. Hand puts torch in box. Boy puts candles, shovel, and cat litter in back of car. Boy shuts boot of car. United States: 1980s: stop sign on side of road. Foot presses on pedal in car. Car stops at junction before it hits other road users. United States: 1980s: Man gets out of car. Man puts snow chains on car tyres. Man wears sunglasses as he drives in snow. UNITED STATES: 1980s: astronaut goes through check list in space shuttle. Astronaut checks switches and monitors. UNITED STATES: 1980s: astronaut grows lead acetate crystals in space. Student experiment in space. UNITED STATES: 1980s: Himalayas and China seen through window of space ship. ALASKA, UNITED STATES: 1980s:  View from above Denali. Snow covered Denali mountain ALASKA, UNITED STATES: 1980s: Moose calf face. Moose calf suckling milk from cow. Bird eating grass. ALASKA, UNITED STATES: 1980s: Birds fly above moose in pasture. Herd of moose on mountain slope. Moose on mountain ridge. ALASKA, UNITED STATES: 1980s: caribou herd walk up mountain. Caribou eat plants on mountain slope ALASKA, UNITED STATES: 1980s: Alaskan bull caribou with antlers eats in forest. ALASKA, UNITED STATES: 1980s: Bear looks for Arctic ground squirrel. Magpie disturbed by bear.
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