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UNITED STATES: 1990s: sphere of liquid suspended on space station. UNITED STATES: 1990s: animation of container filled with seed and solution. UNITED STATES: 1990s: water skiing on lake behind boat. Slow motion fall into water. UNITED STATES: 1990s: animation of satellite tethered to space shuttle above Earth. Arrow above shuttle. UNITED STATES: 1990s: lady ice skates and spins on axis. Slow motion ice skater 1990s: Man opens doors and enters department store. Man walks through department store. 1990s: Man approaches shelves of pet food. Man retrieves cans of ped food. Man carries pet food cans through store. 1990s: Man stands in pet store with arms full of pet food cans. Filmmaker claps slate and speaks. Man drops pet food cans onto floor. Pet food cans on floor. Man stares with mouth agape. 1990s: X-15 air launched from B-52 bomber. Planes in flight. Pilot with face covering. Astronauts stand in a line. 1990s: Model of plane in lab. Researchers work on model plane. Woman speaks. Plane takes off. 1990s: Man points to image of brain. Man speaks. Bicyclist falls off bike. Image of brain. 1990s: Man kneeling as plane goes by on runway. Man gestures and speaks. Woman speaks. Plane in flight. Illustration of engine in motion. 1990s: Animation of probe flying through space towards Mars then descended to its surface. 1990s: Person holds module attached to key chain. Man walks away from car then stops and goes back to car. Man takes baby out of car seat. Woman talks. Man talks. 1990s: Astronaut Alan Shepard is assisted into spacesuit. Rocket launches into space. Astronaut in cockpit. Capsule pulled onto deck of boat by crane. Man talks in front of capsule on display. 1990s: Model of drone is demonstrated. Man holds drone model. Tiny camera to be used on drone. Image from drone camera in flight. Controls for drone. 1990s: Commercial airplane on runway. Airplane takes off as plane comes in for landing. Two men sit in airplane seats talking. Video game controller. Video game. Cockpit of airplane simulator. 1990s: Woman lights match, places it in jar, and sets metal tray on top of jar. Girl and boy watch jar and speak.  Woman speaks. Boy takes ice out of metal tray. 1990s: Man rides bicycle rigged to tightrope as girls watch. 1990s: Illustrations of weather satellites. 1990s: Block of wood drops into river and floats downstream. Illustration of jet stream in Atlantic Ocean.
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