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1950s: Man sits on edge of swimming pool. Young man stands on edge of pool. Young man walks towards, climbs, and jumps from diving board, performing flip. 1950s: Man gestures to collarbone of model skeleton. Man rotates skeleton and gestures to shoulder blades. X-ray of person rolling shoulders, person places box on shoulder. Man with box on shoulder. 1950s: Man standing with model skeleton speaks. Man gestures to skeleton 1950s: Speaking suited man sits at science class lab table, beaker nearby skeleton model off to side. Man rubs wrist, feeling bones. 1950s: Man carries box of bottled drinks on shoulder, walks toward house. Man with model skeleton, gestures to skeleton 1950s: Man gestures to model skeleton 1950s: Man touches wrist, knuckles. Man sitting behind desk holds finger up, stands up and walks to Fluoroscope (x-ray machine). X-ray of hand clenching and unclenching, rotating. 1950s: X-ray of shoulder joint in motion. Model skeleton, arm in motion. Man gestures toward humerus bone. Man rotates model skeleton, moves arms to demonstrate elbow joint. X-ray of elbow. 1950s: Man gestures to legs and feet of model skeleton. Man gestures to skull of model skeleton. Man gestures to shoulders, arms, hands, then hips, legs and feet. 1950s: Man walks away from x-ray machine towards classroom model skeleton. Man rotates skeleton on post. Man gestures towards ribs on skeleton, then shoulders. 1950s:  Man holds arm of model skeleton at wrist. Man rotates bones (radius and ulna), demonstrating twisting of wrist. X-ray of radius and ulna bones twisting. 1950s: Neck vertebrae of model skeleton. X-ray of person moving neck. X-ray of person passing a glass bottle. X-ray knees walking. X-ray of feet walking. 1950s: Man gestures to shoulder of model skeleton with pencil. Man traces length of arm. Skull on model skeleton, man gestures with pencil. Hips on model skeleton. Man traces length of legs. 1950s: Man holds model skeleton hand at wrist. X-ray of hand clenching and unclenching, x-ray hand holds glass bottle. X-ray hand passes glass bottle. Man passes glass bottle. 1950s: X-ray of torso, heart beating. Man crouches at edge of swimming pool, dives. Men walk along edge of swimming pool, dive in together. Man flips from diving board into pool. 1950s: Man standing next to model of human skeleton speaks. Man rotates skeleton to back. Man traces spine from base of the skull to lower back. 1950s: Man stocks glass bottles. Man with model skeleton. Man gestures from shoulder to hands of skeleton. Man gestures to pelvis of skeleton, down to legs and feet. 1950s: Human skeleton model: jaw, neck vertebrae, shoulders. X-ray of person rotating neck. Swimmer at indoor pool rotates neck, bends over and pulls other swimmer from pool. Man with model skeleton. 1950s: Man gestures to pelvis of model skeleton. Man gestures to hip joint and femur. Man gestures to knee, fibula and tibia of model skeleton. Man moves model skeleton 1950s: A dozen young men exit locker room wearing swimwear at indoor pool. Several dive into pool simultaneously. Instructor  gestures to young man on diving board, man dives. 1950s: Man gestures to ribs on model skeleton. X-ray of beating heart and lungs. Chest of young man. Ball hits chest. Young man, poolside, throws ball.
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