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Europe 1940s: animation of planned Nazi invasion of America. Soldiers walk through town. Nazi military band play as they walk through town. Soldiers walk on rural road. Europe 1940s: ladies play darts in pub. Man in factory. Soldiers walk across land. Men patrol moors. Men at road block. Soldiers practice on home ground. Man picks up bottle of milk from doorstep. Europe 1940s: men shake hands after rescue. Wreck of plane on ground. Dead man on stretcher. German soldiers. Prisoners of war. Flames and fire after plane crash. Hitler talks to man. Europe 1940s: air force plane comes into land. Close up of planes on ground. Men hold wings of plane. Pilots get out of planes. Damage to plane. Europe 1940s: military planes in battle. Damage on side of plane as bullets hit. Plane takes bad hot and goes down. Plane crashes into ground. Planes in dog fight in sky. Bullets hit side of plane Europe 1940s: patrol men outside air raid shelter at night. Anti aircraft guns fire on enemy planes. Fires in docks of London. Europe 1940s: pilots in plane at night. Building on fire. Explosions hit target building. Bombs dropped on Coventry. Europe 1940s: patrol men and fire service attempt to put out blaze in London as bombs fall at night. Pilot and gunner in plane at night. Firebombs in London from above. Building on fire in London. Europe: 1940s: soldier patrols beach. Soldier stands by guns. Hitler in war rooms. Nazi eagle sculpture. Men with rifles United States: 1940s: Clouds of smoke around moving ship. United States: 1940s: boats float around damaged ship. Cars drive past ship in dock. EUROPE: 1940s: soldier digs trench in sand. Soldiers rest on beach. Injured man on stretcher. Men cross land during battle. United States: 1960s: Lady sews badge on sailor United States: 1960s: ship at sea. Ship in icy water. Men work on ice. Men set up science station in snow. United States: 1960s: sailor and wife shop for a house. Sailor gives baby to lady. Ladies at meeting United States: 1960s: lady holds hand of boy on hospital trolley. Doctor sees boy. Doctor talks to lady. ITALY: 1940s: soldiers captured. Prisoners of war. Injured soldiers. Tanks drive through city UNITED STATES: 1960s: USS Forrestal ship on water in 1954. Launch of ship United States: 1970s: Girl on bicycle in street. Person runs along street. Man runs to door. Man knocks on house door. United States: 1970s: Close up of flames on wood fire. Man pulls fresh wood from trees. Man sits by fire. Ice melts. Close up of flames. United States: 1970s: man walks through snow with dogs.
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