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VIETNAM 1960s: Close up, soldiers at attention / Officer in front of soldiers / View of officer from behind soldiers. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer gives orders / Long shot, soldiers exercise / Soldier doing push ups, zoom out to soldiers and officer. VIETNAM 1960s: View of bamboo trap / Officer speaks, soldiers in foreground / Officer with soldiers / Stick enters trap, trap closes. VIETNAM 1960s: Soldiers and officer kneel with mine, officer gives instructions. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer speaking / Officer in front of soldiers / Close up of soldier.  VIETNAM 1960s: Soldier hands gun clips to soldier, tilt down to backpack / Soldier gives instruction to other soldier / Soldier adjusts gun on other soldier VIETNAM 1960s: Soldiers march away from camera. VIETNAM 1960s: Aerial tracking shot, soldiers fire guns, move through bushes.  VIETNAM 1960s: Close up of soldier / Aerial view, helicopters land, soldiers run out. VIETNAM 1960s: Officers talk to soldiers. VIETNAM 1960s: Line of soldiers receive items / Soldiers get guns, sign paper. VIETNAM 1960s: Views of soldiers jogging in formation. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer speaks to group of soldiers. VIETNAM 1960s: Soldier with landmine, soldier twists fuse / Soldier with wire, attaches to mine. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer speaks in front of soldiers / Soldiers train with guns. VIETNAM 1960s: Dog with soldier / Soldiers march with guns / Soldiers march / Soldier walks dog. VIETNAM 1960s: Explosion in booby trap / Soldiers turn, fire guns / Soldiers dive on ground. VIETNAM 1960s: Close up of officer, pan to soldiers / View of soldiers and officer. VIETNAM 1960s: Aerial views of helicopters taking off, soldiers in field. VIETNAM 1960s: Views of soldiers sitting, talking / Dissolve to officer with soldier. VIETNAM 1960s: Officer speaks on platform, soldiers in foreground.
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