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1950s: Green plant with leaves. Hand pulls plant from soil to reveal roots. Horses and cows graze in farm yard. 1950s: Potted plant in window. Hands use scissors to remove one leaf. Hands remove leaf from potted plant in dark cabinet. 1950s: Aerial view of forest. Dead corn plants in field. Colorful leaves on autumn trees. 1950s: Farm field of spinach. Cabbage plant. Hand picks dandelion leaves and drops them into pot. Pot of leaves and water is boiled on stove. 1950s: Hands use tweezers to remove leaves from bowl. Hands place leaves on plate. Hands pour iodine solution onto leaves. 1950s: Bright autumn leaves on tree. Leaves on limb. Leaf falls from limb revealing leaf scar. 1950s: Pot of boiling water and leaves on stove top. Hand and tongs remove leaves and place them in bowl. Hand adds grain alcohol to leaves.  Leaves in bowl. Hand pours off alcohol into cylinder. 1950s: Two leaves lay on plate in iodine solution. White and green leaf. 1950s: Display of various shapes of leaf scars. Leaves fall from bright autumn tree. Bare trees sway in wind. Leaves blow along the ground in park. 1950s: Leaves and branches sway in breeze. Leaves of poplar tree curl and twist. Leaves emerge from buds. 1950s: Chlorophyll fills glass cylinder. Text appears on screen. Scientist turns knob on equipment. Mushroom in dark soil. 1950s: Leaf boils in pot of water. Leaf in bowl of grain alcohol. Iodine solution pours from bottle onto leaf. 1950s: Leaves blow along the ground in park. Man rakes leaves amid burning piles of leaves. Man places leave around base of bush. Man shovels dirt onto fallen leaves. 1950s: Red Oak leaves emerge from buds on limb. Green ash tree leaves emerge from buds. Hand picks leaves from mature green ash tree. 1950s: Green and white plant leaves. Hand opens closet to reveal dying plant. Hand moves potted plant in closet. Large green leaf. 1950s: Darkened leaf reveals starch deposits. Microscopic view of leaf and starch grains. Potato plant. 1950s: Pines among bare trees. Rhododendron plant sways in breeze. 1950s: Boy and girl look at leaves on tree. Woman presses leaves between newsprint. Hands apply glue to leaves. Hands glue leaves to scrapbook page. 1950s: Illustration of large green leaf. Illustrated sun rays and lines appear. Illustrated white blocks move down stem. 1950s: Hand trowel moves potato on plant. Hand uses trowel to trace potato plant stem to tubers. Hand uses toothpick to display cross section of plant in soil. 1950s: Boy and girl flip through leaf scrapbook on lawn. Leaves sway in the breeze.
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