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Science (1809)

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1960s: Groups of figurines sit in circle around fire. Man points. Man moves figurine in circle around fire. 1960s: Drawing of movie theater, dark screen with single star. 1960s: Animated moon at night above ancient Greek building. Three men in robes stand at building looking at moon. Man points to moon as eclipse occurs. Diagram of earth in relation to sun. 1960s: Radar dish slowly turns, then points up at sky. 1960s: Rotating view of earth from space. 1940s: Arrow points to AL: aluminum I-Bar. Arrow points to Fe: iron nail. .Arrow points to Cu: a copper scouring pad appears. Arrow points to Ag: silver spoon appears. Arrow points to Au: gold. 1940s: Iron filings poured into filter and do not dissolve. Sulphur dripped into evaporation dish. Tiny crystals at bottom of evaporation dish. 1940s: Test tube of dilute sulfuric acid and zinc boils over flame. Scientist picks up flask of barium hydroxide. 1950s: Pond hydra in water. Water flea. Microscopic organisms swim around. 1950s: Dragonfly nymph crawls onto leaf stem, sheds casing. Adult dragonfly spreads wings, sits on leaf. 1950s: Minnows swim around pond, large fish eats minnow. Fish swim around. 1950s: UNITED STATES: creature under microscope. Water life viewed under microscope. 1950s: UNITED STATES: microscopic creatures seen through microscope. Whip on microscopic organism. 1950s: UNITED STATES: microscopic view of organisms in container of water. Plant and animal life under microscope. 1950s: A glass breaks on the ground. Old professor points to blackboard, grabs hand from man with glasses, gives him chalk, professor points to drawn circles on blackboard, man draws a crooked line. 1950s: A man sits, a man lays on table, a man has his head between his legs, another man adjusts their positions. A man stands three times repeated. Hand puts glasses on the head of the man who sits. 1950s: Old professor holds mirror, man takes off glasses, they stand in set with upside down room, they talk and observe upside down table and shake hands. Three men outside of a building shake hands. 1960s: Bottom half of pitcher plant. Insect moving inside pitcher plant. Insects drowning in pitcher plant. Walls of pitcher plant. Beetle climbing into pitcher plant. 1930s: A man lectures in front of a class in a lecture theater. Diary dated 1665. A man in 1660s garb writes at a desk with a quill. He looks out the window. A sick person is helped out of a carriage. 1930s: Organisms under a microscope. A flame is held beneath the slide on the microscope. A man turns knobs on pipes in a plant. A man opens the door to a large pasteurization chamber. 1930s: Magnified view of microscopic germs. Snow falling on the stairs outside hospital. Through the window, a nurse and another woman attend to a sick child. The woman goes to the window and points.
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