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1940s: Man in car gets very angry, steps on gas, pulls up next to car, yells out window. Men in cars race each other. 1940s: Men race cars drown street, turn into children driving. Car misses turn, drives off cliff, crashes. 1940s: Man covered in bandages sneaks into house, past woman on phone. Woman looks out window, looks behind her, goes into bedroom. Man sits in crib with baby, looks forlorn, talks. 1940s: Man walks past car, car reverses, backfires, scares man. Man in car talks to pedestrian, pedestrian talks back. 1940s: Man dressed as child rides away on scooter, waves at man in suit. Man drives convertible down street, stops at stop light. Car pulls up next to car, man signals left turn, cars go.  1940s: Man drives, stops at red light. Man in fancy car screeches to a stop. Man impatiently waits for light to turn, speeds off. Man drives safely. Speed limit sign. Man stops at intersection. 1940s: Two women argue in intersection. Woman turn into children, fight over doll. Man leans back in car, rests head on hand, talks. 1940s: Man drives happily at night, stops at light, closes eyes. Light turns green, car honks, man looks back. Car rear ends car, bumps car forward. Car tailgates, passes car, almost causes accident.
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