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War (1065)

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Europe 1940s: building exterior at night. Hitler land generals in planning room. Title for United States: 1950s: siren on top of building. Close up of nuclear attack siren. Man drinks from small cup in corridor. Close up of mans face. United States: 1950s: hand writes down data from weather bureau. Coordinates on paper. Man talks to men sat at desk. Close up of man United States: 1950s: Man reads paper to microphone. Man reads fallout forecast. United States: 1950s: Men work at desks in office. Men approach desk. Men look at blackboard. Man speaks and points to map. United States: 1950s: Vehicle cleans streets. Water sprayed on road. Decontamination of radiation in street. Radiation decay characteristics on graph. Fallout entry time on graph. Europe 1940s: British soldiers in London street. Boy looks over fence. Men works land. Men by London bus stop. Man in bowler hat. Civilian army and home guard. Europe 1940s: wreckage of German plane on ground. Animation of planes over England map.  German and English planes over coast of Britain. Missiles fall from plane. English pier hit by air fire. Europe 1940s: enemy planes fly over coast. Fighter planes in sky. Soldier stands guard. Soldiers march along track. Soldiers stand by guns. Listening post. Europe 1940s: man talks to lady in air raid shelter. Vicar helps family with air raid shelter bunk bed. Man in shelter plays mouth organ. Europe 1940s: men talk at bomb site. Man with crossed fingers. Patrol man looks through binoculars. Enemy planes in sky. Guns fire bullets. Bombs dropped from plane. Typewriter types words. Europe 1940s: smoke as plane engine starts. Plane on air field. Officer watches planes leave. Soldier looks at watch. Man reports to commanding officer. Europe 1940s: people work at lathes and machines. Man works at ammunition factory. Woman at work in factory. Ammunitions in factory. Planes in hanger. Wheels fitted to plane. Europe 1940s: buildings collapse in fire. Flames from building. Fireman carries person from fire. United States: 1940s: flames, clouds, and smoke around sinking ship in sea. United States: 1940s: men on dock look at ship. Men on deck of ship. Cranes by ship. Smoke around ship. Men climb down ladder from ship. Men on stretchers. EUROPE: 1940s: soldiers shake hands. Sailors stand at attention on ship. Men salute EUROPE: 1940s: ships hit by bombs. Planes fly above ships. Soldiers climb down ropes. Guns fire missiles. UNITED STATES: 1950s: men sit at meeting. Government officials prepare for nuclear fallout. Policemen at meeting. Men on telephone switchboard. UNITED STATES: 1950s: men talk at planning meeting. UNITED STATES: 1950s: municipal building in street. Fallout shelter symbol on wall.
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