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1990s: Astronauts in spacecraft, woman inserting syringe into man. Woman drawing blood from man. 1970s: Man standing in swamp catches branch. Woman speaks. Water flows from pipe. 1950s: Man driving boat, pan across men at front of boat. Men talking inside boat. Man playing banjo on boat. 1920s: "Industrial Coal & Iron Co." sign on the vehicular base of large crane. Crane spins around. 1960s: UNITED STATES: men stand on curb. Men wait for bus. Men get into bus. 1940s: Classroom.  Students and teacher talk. 1940s: Band plays music for large audience. Woman in formal dress and tiara is assisted into convertible car. 1950s: Woman holds lamp, walks up to men, talks. Men talk. Man hands money to other man. Teen girl joins group, talks. Man hands money back to other man. 1930s: Dogs walk around a man who carries a rifle in a field with high grass, another man who carries a rifle arrives, they look around. Intertitle. A dog stands still in the grass. 1930s: Raccoon digs in water. Raccoon eats. Raccoon walks away. 1950s: Pile of iron ore rocks. Buildings along bay. Rock cliff. Rock quarry. Machine in quarry. 1940s: people mingling on deck as boat sails past land 1950s: Animation of crystal oscillator and frequency waves. 1970s: People gather in group across from building. Smoke and flames on top of building. People wave towels out window. Firemen raise ladder on Fire Truck, swivel ladder towards building. 1960s: Mission control room.  Man speaks into headset. 1950s: Children speak and walk away.  Hamster falls out of open cage door. 1950s: Priests in robes walk grounds of monastery. Garden courtyard of monastery. 1950s: Potted plant in window. Hands use scissors to remove one leaf. Hands remove leaf from potted plant in dark cabinet. 1940s: Snowy forest.  House.  Window.  Living room.  Mouse.  Caption read "T'was the night before Christmas, when all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse." 1970s: astronaut wearing harness to experience zero gravity conditions, astronaut wearing a harness sideways and kicking off a wall to experience zero gravity conditions 1950s: Priest and man sit at table and talk. Priest looks out over candlelight. Man nods head and speaks. Men shake hands. Priest stands and leaves table.
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