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1950s: Man sits at table in front of microscope, talks. 1920s: UNITED STATES: ladies in fur coats walk from cars. Lady holds child's hand. Man carries child in street. 1970s: Nurse lies blanket next to hospital bed. Nurse slides obese patient from bed onto floor. Nurse drags patient out of the room. 1940s: Three men and woman stand in front of stone lined pool of geyser. Man and woman dip hands in geyser water. Geyser explodes water. 1950s: Pan across equipment, sheet metal in machine. Workers stack metal sheets in factory.  1930s: American flag on top of oil derrick.  Sign reads "THE OPERATION OF A ROTARY DRILLING RIG." 1930s: Man in tuxedo. Women in dresses. Man is seated. Women are standing. Bride in dress on sidewalk. Bride is assisted down sidewalk to wedding. 1910s: UNITED STATES: men stand in street. Man with sword bangs on gate. Man waves at door. Ladies leave through door UNITED STATES: 1960s: men work with furnace and machine. 1960s: giant fingerprint inside box on form. hands write cursive words on lined paper on desktop in school classroom. girls sits straight in desk and writes with pencil near map of USA. MADAGASCAR: 1970s: Rocks on ground. girl walks along path. Girl stops to pray UNITED STATES 1890s: Intertitle / View of street, train goes over street on elevated track. UNITED STATES 1960s: Close up of hand pulling lever / Dissolve to close up of counter on voting machine / High angle shot of man reading ballot while smoking. UNITED STATES: 1970s: man runs on sports track 1950s: UNITED STATES: man reads palm at fair. Fortune teller talks to public. Man holds child in crowd. Man strikes target with hammer at fair. 1920s: Hand points to a cliff. River on the bottom of canyon. Sun flare. Man rides mule on a trail. Child, man and woman walk. Car passes by. Man sits, a girl comes and ties her hat. Cliff. Canyon. 1970s: Children from behind fence watch birds swim around puddle. Children gather at fence to see birds. In classroom, woman tickles face of children with feather. 1950s: Mountains.  Buffaloes graze in field. 1940s: River runs through village in valley. Farmers work in field. River flows under building. Man sweeps grain around grinding stone in mill. Water wheel turns under mill. 1970s: Magnified view of organisms, label appears on screen. Magnified view of organisms, label appears on screen. 1940s: Child kicks legs and cries. Girl gets down from high chair. Woman goes into bedroom and strokes boy's face.
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