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1930s: Dodder vine, grows and coils itself up around plant. 1950s: UNITED STATES: man prepares glass slide in laboratory. Man lifts specimen with tweezers. Man puts disc into container. Hand puts container into machine 1940s: Man and boy ride dog sled out of village, wave to people they pass. Graveyard of abandoned village. 1950s: Microscopic organisms move around in water. 1950s: Agricultural field. Farmer on tractor pulls steel plow across earth. Farmer holds small wooden plow, pulled behind pair of oxen linked with wooden yoke. 1940s: Young man sits at kitchen table and speaks.  Train moves down tracks. 1950s: black dots vibrate back and forth on strip of paper as flame burns on tip. UNITED STATES 1950s: Girl eating / Woman eating / Boy at table / Plate of food, fork picks up food / Close up, boy eating / Boy stands up from table. UNITED STATES 1960s: Animation of Earth quadrant, sun shines on southern portion, hand puts Earth half on top / Earth next to sun. 1910s: UNITED STATES: lady raises arms in air. Lady smiles. Lady hugs self. Lady looks over shoulder 1950s: UNITED STATES: steam from chimney on train. Wheels on steam train move. Train on tracks. Close up of wheels. 1940s: Family in front of house, pose for camera. Woman pets cat, poses with cat. Family poses in front of house, girl holds cat. 1950s: group of men meeting about audio-visual education in church 1940s: UNITED STATES: road and track through woods. Lady by tree. Ladies and small child by wood store. Logs in shelter 1960s: UNITED STATES: city in rain. Tram in street. City buildings. Moars shop window. 1940s: cars pulling up and stopping at a light, a map of the USA, cars driving on a road 1940s: Large explosion, mushroom cloud. People sit around table. 1950s: Little boy puts on mask and yanks on nose.  Boy moves from side to side.  Boy hangs art on wall and walks away. 1970s: Astronauts work inside and outside spacecraft. 1950s: Baby bolas spiders hatch and begin crawling. 1950s: Giraffe stands by fence, eats leaves off tree. Baby giraffe emerges from den, walks across enclosure, eats grass.
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