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United States: 1980s: view through wipers on car windscreen. Cars and lorries drive up hill in rain. 1950s: Man uses pencil to point to black deposits on engine part, then points to another engine with fewer deposits. A display of three groups of 8 valves show varying levels of black buildup on each. 1970s: Students ask questions, discuss. Male teacher points, lectures class in front of alcohol poster. Girl raises hand, talks. Bar, bartender holds up bottle, points, discusses with girl. 1940s: UNITED STATES: Singer sewing machine close up. Hands sew fabric on machine. Chamber of Commerce sign. Train in Atlanta. New homes in Atlanta 1950s: UNITED STATES: toddler in living room at home. Baby and brother play. 1940s: Large sports complex in Tijuana. Cars and trucks drive down busy city streets. Waves crash on rocks near cliffs and shoreline. Geraniums in garden. 1950s: UNITED STATES: combine harvester in corn field. Crops in field 1950s: Man looks at graph on screen. Men look at paper. Men work in lab. 1930s: Men walk down road.  Cattle pull cart. 1940s: Intertitle card. 1950s: Man packs lenses and camera into carrying case. Hands open and check the contents of small camera case. Hands lift carrying cases and walk away. 1970s: Ray Valentine speaks and points to Rice + Azolla which is noticeably taller and more vigorous than the pot labelled just Rice. Scientists in lab put liquid in beaker. 1940s: Men and women smile and walk down porch steps. Dog wags tail and watches people walk from porch. 1940s: Dim interior of wedding reception. Couples  whirl and dance on dance floor. 1960s: Babies sit in highchairs, woman talks to baby, claps hands, baby smiles. 1940s: UNITED STATES: man in air traffic control speaks on radio. Plane on ground. Plane takes off from runway. 1980s: UNITED STATES: girl talks to boy on school bus. Side view of students on bus. 1970s: Drawing of couple enjoying feast.  Man draws lines.  Man changes sign to "DELUXE COACH."  Hand moves seats farther apart. 1950s: FINLAND, EUROPE: nomad man catches fish. Fish in net. Close up of man's face. Boys walk home with wish. Snow covered mountain 1950s: View of field with sign that says “Gewtavirp”. Man wears special glasses, walks and touches the table and blackboard in lecture hall, students sit and observe. 1950s: Arrival an Departures board in train station. Man and boy stop in front of baggage check counter then walk along, while talking.
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