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1970s: Man with equipment. Lab equipment. Man next to tank. Man looks in tank window. Man with equipment. Man writing. Man talking at desk. Underwater view of logo. Europe 1940s: shoes in cupboard. Drawing of coins in stack. One per cent title. 5 days of war title. Drawing of grave markers UNITED STATES: 1970s: lady stocks fallout shelter with food. Girl helps lady with tin food. UNITED STATES: 1960s: lady swims in outdoor pool. Lady walks dog outdoors. 1970s: Mother talks playfully to two children tucked in bed, they all laugh. Grocery store, mother shops, baby sits in cart. Mother sits at kitchen table, writes list, talks to son. 1940s: CAUCASUS, EUROPE: shepherd walks with sheep in Armenia. Shepherd walks along dust track. Sheep wag tags 1960s: Cars drive down street in front of stone building. People walk along sidewalk past SS Wines building. 1970s: UNITED STATES: horse pulls cart around track. 1960s: Puppy and cat sit on lounge chair. Women and children play with puppies in backyard. Child gets tangled up in puppy leashes. 1920s: Trees.  Men on tractors.  Cows in field.  River.  Mountains.  Home. 1930s: Subtitle "Always wear proper safety equipment" over safety equipments. Respirators, welding helmet, goggles, safety gloves, steel-toed shoes and safety harness. 1950s: EUROPE: NORWAY: Lady stands by ship's wheel. View across water from boat. 1940s: City street, parade, baton twirler, marching band, man carries American flag, men salute, stand with hats over hearts. Young men carry suitcases, young woman rushes over, kisses cheek. 1930s: Title card. Woman removes ends from yarn wrapped cardboard, then begins attaching wire to another piece of yarn wrapped cardboard. 1950s: Man digs hole with small spade, pulls turtle out of hole. Man turns turtle over in hands. 1950s: Man points at diagram and speaks. 1940s: snow-covered trees and yards around houses, fallen tree, houses in snow 1940s: Bride and groom outside of chapel. Bride shakes confetti out of her bouquet. Bride and groom laugh. Bride poses with bridesmaids and maid of honor. Groom sneaks into picture and steals a kiss. 1960s: Woman holds baby, baby looks at woman. Man shakes toy near baby. 1940s: UNITED STATES: red chillies drying in sun on Mexican ranch. Man and truck. Chill in basket. 1950s: Mountains.  Glacier.  People ride horses on path.  Men look down into crevasse.
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