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1960s: Woman sits in white car. Woman is next shown sitting at desk with man. Woman hands man a roll of documents from purse. 1960s: Man works at gas station. Model gas station view pulls out to show model town. View pulls back in to model gas station. Woman in white car briefly appears. 1960s: Man loads dairy products onto red truck and drives off lot. Truck passes by small farm. Man in suit and worker talk next to farm equipment and silos. 1960s: Two men review a catalog and one man points to a picture of a machine. Inside a supermarket, a man stocks produce and another checks stock on shelves. Trucks back up to loading bay. 1960s: Two men at drafting table review blueprints. One man pints to a specific detail and the other nods. The men look at a brochure together and discuss. 1960s: Two men in suits walk outdoors. One of the men points to something off screen as the other man nods. The men review blueprints on drafting table, pointing and nodding. 1960s: View moves across model of town as new structures appear. Zoom in on utility building as car passes on street. Two men exit the building and walk on sidewalk. 1960s: A man and woman look at blueprints and talk with worker at construction site. Worker rolls up blueprints and walks away. Zoom out to model of town where new structures appear one by one. 1960s: A man, woman, and worker are at a home construction site. Worker unrolls blueprints and shows to couple. Man points to blueprints and asks questions. Worker answers. 1960s: White car at construction site. Man and woman exit car. Worker reads blueprints. Worker and couple exchange waves and handshakes. Man gestures at structure as woman looks approvingly. 1960s: Model car rolls on model road in model town. View shifts to home under construction. White car parks at construction site. Men work on second story exterior of structure. 1960s: Salesman hands man car keys and they shake hands. Salesman opens car door. Man sits and salesman shuts door. Man nods thanks and salesman waves goodbye. Man drives off lot and down road. 1960s: Man seated at desk signs document. Other man glances at document. Men stand and shake hands. One leaves and the other sits down. Man runs his hand along white car and speaks to another man. 1960s: Two men in suits sit at a desk talking. One man hands the other a document. The other man takes a pen from his coat and signs the document. The signer gestures at various parts of the document. 1960s: Man in suit opens glass door of business and enters. Man at desk in office stands, shakes customer's hand, and offers him a seat. The customer sits and the men begin talking. 1960s: Man in suit talks on phone in car showroom. White car drives past Drive-In Customer Parking sign and parks. Man walks into office building in town as people walk past on sidewalk. 1960s: Bank teller hands woman coupon and she leaves. Pharmacist places pill bottle on counter. Coworker tells him he has phone call. He talks on phone and looks at his wristwatch. 1960s: Man shows passbook entries to delighted woman and they exit bank. Banker escorts customer to counter, hands passbook to teller, and shakes customer's hand. 1960s: Close view of machine shows checks speed-sorted into chutes. Woman removes stack of checks from a chute. Bank teller uses machine to enter transaction into passbook and hands book to customer. 1960s: Women place stacks of checks in processing machines. These machines quickly sort the checks into various chutes. A woman takes a sorted stack from the machine and places it where it belongs. 1960s: Inside bank, tellers help customers and others wait in line. Tellers and staff behind counter organize banking documents. Banker places stack of envelopes in sorting machine.
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